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Radio: Last Bus to Whitehawk


SOUTHERN FM, 1998-2004


The Last Bus ran from Monday to Thursday, every week, for six years. It left the depot at 10.00pm and the final passengers disembarked at the stroke of midnight.


In 2001 the show was nominated for a Sony award in the Entertainment section, and won silver. The following year, 2002, the show was up for two Sonys :  Speech Broadcaster of the year, and again for the Entertainment award. This time the show went one better and won gold.  ‘The Last Bus’ was the UK’s most entertaining radio, beating Jonathan Ross, Chris Moyles, Ricky Gervais and Christian O’Connell.


Six weeks after I won my radio oscar a man from the head office of Capital Radio (the owners of Southern FM) came down to Brighton and told me that my services were no longer required. The Capital group was being reorganised, he said, and I was superfluous to requirements.  There was a last minute change of mind, however, and the show continued for a further two years. But the seed of mistrust was sown and my relationship with my employers gradually began to disintegrate.


When the time eventually came to leave it was sad, but also a relief. I went as suddenly as I had arrived. No announcements, no drama, just a fond farewell. And it was fond, believe you me. ‘The Last Bus’ was brilliant fun for me, totally spontaneous and fantastically challenging. I worked with a succession of talented, inspiring young people and a very professional management team. It was quite simply a dream come true and I loved almost every exciting moment of it.


If you listened to the show, I ring my bell to you. Here are some reminders: